Springer’s Point Preserve

The Coastal Land Trust’s Springer’s Point Preserve on Ocracoke Island, is the perfect spot to spend the morning bird watching or the afternoon hiking and sitting on the beach overlooking the Pamlico Sound. This tranquil Preserve was opened to the public on May 20, 2006 and encompasses more than 120 acres of maritime forest, tidal red cedar forest, salt marsh, wet grasslands and sound front beach. You’ll pass ancient, gnarled live oaks as you make your way along winding trails to the sandy beach overlooking the infamous Teach’s Hole.  Designated as one of the state’s significant natural heritage areas because of its unique maritime forest and importance to colonial water birds, the Preserve enjoys a cultural history as vibrant as the array of plant and bird species it supports. This site, historically referred to as “Teach’s Plantation”, is the reputed favorite haunt of the legendary pirate, Blackbeard, who marauded, eluded capture and finally met his fate at Teach’s Hole, off Springer’s Point.

Springer’s Point was one of the last remaining undeveloped areas on Ocracoke Island and under the threat of development. The Coastal Land Trust purchased 31 acres of the Preserve in 2002 and the remaining 91 acres in 2006 with grant funds from the State Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Overwhelming community support enables the Coastal Land Trust to complete maritime forest restoration work, construct Preserve amenities, hire a local Preserve Steward and open the Preserve to the public. An island within an island, Springer’s Point is a peaceful oasis of natural beauty in the heart of bustling Ocracoke Village.

Springer’s Point Preserve is open to the public. We invite you to visit and enjoy the walking trails through the maritime forest and sound front beach. Please plan to travel to the Preserve by foot or bicycle as there is no parking available.