Project Description

Abbey Nature Preserve (Public) Pender County

In 2005 The Coastal Land Trust and members of the Foy family began working together towards the common goal of permanently protecting this property. The Coastal Land Trust secured funding while the Foy family designed and implemented a 2+ mile trail system through protected woods, across a historic dam and pond. In 2007, with generous funding from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, the Coastal Land Trust was able to purchase a conservation agreement on approximately 31 acres of the Foy property. As part of the deal, the Foy Limited Partnership donated a conservation agreement on an additional 31 acres, making the total protected land 62 acres. Today the Preserve is open to the public, while still in private ownership. The Foy family graciously manages the property as a nature park.

This property is located behind Poplar Grove, and more information can be found online here


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