The Coastal Land Trust is an accredited land trust, gaining this mark of distinction in 2012, and up for re-accreditation every four years. While land trust accreditation is a voluntary program, the Coastal Land Trust proudly participates in this program, demonstrating successful implementation the Land Trust Standards and Practices and meeting high standards for land conservation.

Stewardship Endowment

When accepting a conservation easement, the Coastal Land Trust accepts responsibility for ensuring the property’s conservation values are upheld – forever. To accomplish this, the Coastal Land Trust

  • conducts regular site monitoring visits
  • responds to landowners’ questions about the easement
  • maintains positive relationships with landowners
  • builds relationships with new landowners
  • ensures easement violations are appropriately resolved
  • responds to landowners’ requests to exercise reserved rights

These monitoring and enforcement activities are annual stewardship commitments for the Coastal Land Trust.

To make sure we can uphold these ongoing commitments to our protected lands every year, forever, we established a Stewardship Endowment to cover the annual costs of Stewardship.

Your gift to the stewardship endowment will help ensure that all of our protected lands are monitored yearly and will provide necessary funds to resolve easement violations.

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