Project Description

Everett Creek Preserve

Everett Creek Preserve is one of our newest nature preserves, 240 acres of longleaf pine and mixed hardwoods, as well as a pollinator garden and hiking trails, located in Onslow County, NC.
The mission of Everett Creek Preserve is to: (1) to enhance water quality along Everett Creek and tributaries (2) to serve as an undeveloped buffer adjacent to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune; (3) to protect and restore native forest communities including longleaf pine forest and to improve habitat for native and rare flora and fauna; and (4) to provide for outdoor environmental education opportunities.

The Coastal Land Trust has had the opportunity to work with the North Carolina Youth Conservation Corp who provided hundreds of hours of work to create and maintain trails are the Preserve. We also provide volunteer opportunities to work on pollinator planting in the meadow as well as trail work.
The Coastal Land Trust provides hikes to the public by appointment under the guidance and direction of the stewardship staff – email us if interested!

On the first Saturday in June, we participate with #LandTrustDay and National Trails Day by opening the Preserve for a guided hike and exploration of the pollinator meadow. Guests can view native plants, Venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants, and long leaf pine trees while learning about the history of the property and importance of habitat restoration.  Sign up for our eNews to find out more!

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