Project Description

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden at Piney Ridge Nature Preserve

A truly unique space to visit

A partnership between the City of Wilmington and The NC Coastal Land Trust, the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden is a truly unique space to visit. The only public carnivorous plant garden in the world, it is a City of Wilmington Park, open to the public year round. In the spring, a wonderful surprise is in store – the wetlands burst with carnivorous plants, from pitcher plants, to sundews, to our region’s native Venus Flytrap.

The garden is owned by The Oleander Company, leased to the City of Wilmington, and protected by a conservation easement held by the Coastal Land Trust. The garden was named in honor of Stanley Rehder in 2012, who passed away later that year. A Wilmington native, he was known as the “Flytrap Man” and worked tirelessly for the protection of carnivorous plants.

The garden aims to connect the public to the very special plants that only grow naturally within a 70 mile radius of Wilmington. A must see space!

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