Military Encroachment Partnership

Significant for Protection of the Environment and the Maintenance of National Defense

Since 2005, the NC Coastal Land Trust has partnered with the US Marine Corps several times to protect almost 7,000 acres of land around bases Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune. This prevents the construction of industrial sites and subdivisions that may jeopardize operations and training, leaving bases vulnerable to closure.

Here at Coastal Land Trust, we understand the importance of preserving land that has both conservation and military significance, which is why we work closely with the Marine Corps to identify these lands. This Military Encroachment Partnership has preserved lands that host several endangered species such as the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, as well as historic longleaf pine forests and wetlands.

As a result of our collective efforts, the project was recognized in the Navy’s Final Environmental Impact Statement as one of the key reasons why Cherry Point was selected to receive 8 operational squadrons of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Examples of lands protected include almost 3,000 acres on Turnagain Bay, 658 acres at Luken’s Island and 1,154 acres at Jarrett’s Bay. We also protected 136 acres adjacent to the base to create the Magnolia Farm Preserve.

This partnership is significant for protection of the environment and the maintenance of national defense. We are proud of our partnership with the US Marine corps. Please take a moment to learn more about similar projects by visiting the following website:

For more information on the Coastal Land Trust’s role, please contact Deputy Director Janice Allen.

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