Project Description

Northeast Cape Fear River Initiative

The Northeast Cape Fear River lazily flows its way through the majestic inter-coastal plain of southeastern North Carolina. Red-shouldered hawk, shortnose sturgeon, black bear, fox squirrel, and the southern hognose snake all reside within the Northeast Cape Fear River system. Nearby protected areas such as Holly Shelter and Angola Bay Game Lands provide extensive swaths of land that support multiple wildlife and plant habitats.

Strategic protection of lands along the riparian corridor and between existing protected areas can link habitat areas and provide water quality enhancement and protection.

For decades, hunters, fishermen, canoeists, and kayakers have enjoyed all the natural wealth the river and surrounding lands have to offer.

The Coastal Land Trust has protected nearly 4,800 acres within the Northeast Cape Fear River system. In 2006 alone we worked hard to protect 1,720 acres and we are just beginning to realize the opportunities for land conservation in this unique landscape.

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